Trends and Research
Yahoo aggregates the billions of searches performed every day across Yahoo properties to give the pulse on what people are thinking and talking about. Searches represent the people, an instant poll at every moment of the day, looking into the fleeting moods and entrenched attitudes of Internet users across the world. We have been extremely successful in sifting through searches for trend-spotting, historical insight, forecasting projections, and big-picture analysis. We partner with many television and print outlets across the country. THIS IS A FREE RESOURCE. We have great data, and we'd love to share! For more information, please contact Lauren Whitehouse at (408) 349.7481 or 

BI-WEEKLY: We can provide a “What’s Spiking from Yahoo” email. These are the searches on Yahoo that are spiking that day. These are usually very quirky searches. 

ANALYSIS: Our Web Trend experts are available to pull specific data around a variety of topics. We offer the opportunity to reach out to us directly if you are working on a specific story and we will provide content for you.